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Types of Roofing for Your Home in Indianapolis

Are you ready to replace your worn out roof, or install the roof for your new construction? Richmond Roofing is the best choice for a roof that keeps your property protected from the elements. We provide top-notch roofing services, including roof replacement, installation, and repair throughout the Greater Indianapolis area! 

Top-Quality Roofing in Indianapolis

With 34 years of success in Greater Indianapolis , Richmond Roofing will get your roof installed perfectly. Your budget, location, and personal preferences all come into play, and we are ready. Our roofing crew at Richmond Roofing uses the proper equipment, techniques, and attention to detail to install the best roof for your Indianapolis home. 

You Have Roofing Choices with Richmond Roofing 

There is a great variety in types of roofing that we can offer for installation. We are happy to describe the high-quality roofing materials that Richmond Roofing offers.

Asphalt & Asphalt Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt shingles are classic, yet versatile and also customizable. Match your style, color scheme, and even choose shingles that resemble wood or slate! Modern asphalt shingles are usually embedded with a fiberglass mat for added strength, durability, and tear resistance.

Durable Composite Roofing in Indianapolis

Composite shingles are made from materials specifically combined for strength and affordability. They can even be made from rubber and resin from recycled tires – a bonus for the environmentally conscious. The end result is a unique shingle that appears to be slate but costs a lot less and lasts much longer.

Lower Bills with Energy-efficient Shingles

ENERGY STAR® roofing shingles are environmentally-friendly and lower your bills. Strong solar rays hitting a basic roof would cause your AC to work harder, but energy-efficient shingles reflect the sun’s rays, instead of absorbing them. Your roof’s surface temperature can be reduced by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Your energy bills will be lower, and your roof will be spared UV damage. 

Flat Roof Options for Indianapolis Homes

Flat roofs and low-slope roofs have been known to leak, which is the last thing you want for a new or old roof. To avoid problems, it’s essential that you hire skilled installers like the experts at Richmond Roofing to repair, replace or install flat roofing. Richmond Roofing has a superior supply of flat roof materials like EPDM rubber roofing, TPO (thermo-polyolefin) roofing, and PVC roofing.

Get Your Home in Indianapolis a Rubber Roof

Engineers created rubber roofing as a new technology with the combination of durability and water-resistance. Traditional rubber roofing was lacking in these qualities but the new cutting-edge rubber membrane roofs (also called “ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing” or “EPDM roofing”) is a valuable advancement for the industry.  A rubber roof is the perfect choice for flat roofs as well as for low-slope roofs. 

Get a Roof that Protects Your Home

If you’re unsure of what roof material option is best for your building, our knowledgeable staff members are eager to assist! Give Richmond Roofing a call at 317-784-1214 or contact us online to set up a free estimate!

Other Roofing Services
Serving Greater Indianapolis
Total Protection Roofing System

SEAL: Helps create a water-proof barrier.

Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System will block water resulting from ice damming, wind-driven rains and normal water flow. A properly sealed roof helps prevent rot and mold.

DEFEND: Stops nature's elements.

Add a tough, yet beautiful layer of defense with strong adhesion that resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. Helps protect the most vulnerable areas such as eaves and peaks.

BREATHE: For balanced attic ventilation.

Reduces heat and moisture buildup that can lead to ice damming, roof deterioration, and mold infestation. This helps air flow through the attic to manage temperature and moisture.

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